Mr. Eric Wong (Wong Yat Wah/黃溢華)

Mr. Eric Wong (Wong Yat Wah/黃溢華) is a financial thief and a dishonest person. He is representing himself as a financial professional who lands money from friends, investors, clients then deceive them many years and don’t pay any penny back.

Now there are five victims of mr. Wong from Hong Kong and overseas. In general mr. Wong has stolen more than 3 million USD! By this time four reports have been submitted to Hong Kong police to start the prosecution.

As a professional swindler mr. Wong has prepared his bankruptcy. His flat was used as a mortgage for BOC Hong Kong. He also managed to empty all his personal bank accounts, before they have been frozen by high court decision. Currently mr. Wong is neither a director, nor a shareholder at any Hong Kong companies, according Companies Registry database.

To build trust and to confidence people to believe him he is working on his public image. He is an author of the blog and a guest at TV show on TVB Finance & Information Channel. There is a chance Ms. Janet Chan is his partner in crime and all the money are moved to mr. Wong's Seychelles and BVI offshore accounts.

Now mr. Wong is hiding from creditors, clients, investors, lawyers and court.

If you are mr. Wong’s victim or has borrowed him money or you have any information where he might be or where he is hiding please help us in this investigation and immediately report to Hong Kong Police or send information to

小心,Mr. Eric Wong (Wong Yat Wah/黃溢華),騙子就在你身邊。
Mr. Eric Wong (Wong Yat Wah/黃溢華) 已經有五名來自香港和其他國家的受害者被Eric偷走了超過300萬美元。他至少收到四起法院訴訟和警察已對他提起刑事訴訟。
此人已进入破產程序,法院對他的公寓進行抵押,並關閉凍結他所有的銀行賬戶,。根據香港登記處, Mr. Eric Wong (Wong Yat Wah/黃溢華),不是香港任何公司的董事或創始人。為了建立他的權威形象和誤導客戶,他之前出現在TVB Finance & Information Channel頻道的電視上,並時常更新他的博客他的同謀可能是Janet Chan小姐。

Mr. Eric Wong (Wong Yat Wah/黃溢華),現在一直躲避債權人,律師,和法庭。

如果您也是這個人的欺詐行為的受害者,借給他錢或者您有關於他所在位置或他所在位置的信息,請協助調查並通知香港警方或發送電子郵件到 ,我們會將所有受害者團結在一起,轉向報紙,電視和社交網絡來講述他的欺詐行為,我們希望有效的曝光他的行為讓Mr. Eric Wong (Wong Yat Wah/黃溢華),不能在欺騙其他人。